Welcome to OAK SHRADER Apartments

1995-1999 Oak and 400 Shrader collectively “Oak Shrader Apartments” is located on the corner of Oak and Shrader Streets directly adjacent to Panhandle Park in the Panhandle/Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco. Built in 1900, this turreted Queen Anne Victorian gives you easy access to Golden Gate Park, upgrading your morning walks. Located close to Haight Street you are immersed in San Francisco history and culture. The coveted Alembic Bar, Amboeba Music and plenty of dining wait not to far away. Muni busses take you straight to Downtown and FiDi so slow your mornings down and enjoy the scenic views.

This unit is a rental unit subject to the San Francisco Rent Ordinance, which limits evictions without just cause, and which states that any waiver by a tenant of their rights under the Rent Ordinance is void as contrary to public policy.